Limited Lifetime Warranty

Eurshall Miller's Collision Center, Inc. provides a Limited Lifetime warranty on all repairs relating to the current loss. It will apply to all original and/or supplemental repairs. This warranty shall cover defects occurring under normal conditions. Damage caused by accidents, negligence, abuse, misuse, exposure to elements, or paint chipped by driving conditions will not be covered under the scope of this warranty.

It is understood that all repairs will conform to generally accepted industry workmanship standards at the time your repairs are completed. Actual time to repair may be more or less than the times estimated. Eurshall Miller's Collision Center, Inc. will correct or replace any item that is verified inferior in quality or workmanship at no cost to you, our valued customer with respect to subsequent parts manufacturer warranties. Should any questions arise concerning this warranty. Eurshall Miller's Collision Center, Inc. reserves the right to perform any/all corrective repair measures. In the event of a claim this warranty must be presented with a copy of the corresponding repair estimate. No warranty work will be performed prior to a review by our management team.

On occasion Eurshall Miller's Collision Center, Inc. may outsource specialty repairs. These sublet entities provide specific warranties and in the event a concern develops, coverage may apply through their respective individual warranty. Subsequently, Eurshall Miller's Collision Center, Inc. will assist customers with sublet work as best we can.

Limitation of Liability:  Except for the guidelines outlined in the above warranty.

(1) Under no circumstances shall either party be liable to the other for any punitive, exemplary, consequential, indirect, or incidental damages of any kind whatsoever.